Diplast serie “B”: the most versatile PP sheet for the construction industry

Our Diplast serie “B” corrugated polypropylene sheets have been developed for use in the construction industry. Our serie “B” sheets are perfectly suitable for various sub applications, including:

  • Beam formwork
  • Fencing, construction panel
  • Floor, wall and window protection

Beam formwork

Our medium and high duty serie “B” polypropylene sheets are more and more used by contractors as beam formwork. 

Serie “B” sheets are lightweight and easy to cut on site, resulting in a fast and efficient means for forming ground beams and pile caps.

Moreover, our serie “B” corrugated PP sheets are praised for their enhanced security thanks to the absence of nails and splinters and the reduction of rising damp.

Fencing, construction panel

Diplast sheets are ideal as fencing material for construction sites. Not only do they reduce background noise and transfer light, their extreme rigidity makes them also ideal for use as secure passageways.

The PP surface of our serie “B” sheets make it easy to remove graffiti, posters and other contamination so that they can easily be reused for a long time. UV-treatment can be added on request. 

Floor, wall and window protection

With its excellent impact and water resistance, our serie “B” sheets are widely used at construction sites where falling tools, tire marks, wet foot traffic and scratches are warp and weft. 

Our serie “B” sheets are available in various dimensions, colours, thicknesses, weights and treatments. Discover below how this can influence the use of our serie “B” sheets as protector:

  • Fire resistant treatment for sites that are exposed to welding sparks.
  • Translucent corrugated sheets for window protection without losing daylight.
  • Black corrugated sheets for wall and floor protection that are made of more than 50% recycled PP.
  • Heavy-duty protective boards that can be jet washed and moved from site to site. Ideal as reusable floor protector.

Download our technical datasheet for more details and technical information on Diplast serie “B”.

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