Diplast serie “E”: your all round packaging and protection sheets

From food contact layer pads to pallet protection, our serie “E” corrugated sheets are convenient for all packaging and protection needs.

Black layer pad

Primarily made from recycled polypropylene, our black layer pads are the cheapest and greenest solution to protect goods on a pallet bottom. 

This eco-friendly solution is ideal if you wish to protect your goods from forklift impacts, nails or moisture and dirt from the pallet or floor.

Colour layer pad, disk

If you’re looking to customise your layer pads or disks to your specifications, you can with our serie “E”. Our serie “E” colour layer pads can be die-cut into round corners or any other shape you like. Disks are die-cut up to 2.4 m diameter.

Going from standard colours to customised colour matching, everything is possible and can be finished in various treatments, like Corona, anti-UV, antistatic and many more.

Colour layer pads and disks have the same tolerance and packing as black layer pads.

Pallet upper/bottom protection sheets

Our serie “E” polypropylene sheets are also suitable for pallet upper and bottom protection. 

You can use them for pallet bottom protection in order to:

  • Avoid capillary rise (moisture) while leaving pallets outside.
  • Protect your goods from dirt and scratch of gravel and sand.
  • Shorten the drying time after cleaning or steaming your pallets.
  • Protect your goods from forklift impacts and nails coming out of pallet wood.

If you use our serie “E” PP sheets as pallet upper protection, this can help you to:

  • Hold the goods before pallet wrapping.
  • Stack pallets safely for transport and storage.

Food contact layer pads

We are constantly adapting the composition of our food contact layer pads in order to meet European regulation. 

By default, our food contact layer pads are available without marking in the following colours: translucent, white and standard blue.

You can always ask us for different colours, treatments or marking for your food layer pads and have them approved by an accredited certifying laboratory.

Download our technical datasheet for more details and technical information on Diplast serie “E”.


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