Why choose Distriplast?

As leading European manufacturer of PP corrugated sheets, Distriplast has gained the trust of a constantly growing number of customers.

Distriplast is not only unique because of its exclusive focus on producing polypropylene sheets. There are many other reasons why our customers have chosen Distriplast as their partner for polypropylene sheets. Discover them below.

Short and reliable lead times

As one of the major manufacturers of corrugated plastic sheets, Distriplast guarantees an average lead time of 3 to 4 weeks, all year long.

Competitive prices

You can benefit from very competitive prices for polypropylene sheets thanks to high output extrusion lines and sales of over 10,000 tons per year made possible by 54 skilled employees.

Flexible production

Whether you have a big or rather small order, our flexibility in production allows for orders starting from 500 kg.

Strategically located

Distriplast is ideally located in Dunkirk, France, at the crossroads of international highways. This location ensures short and reliable lead times for a speedy delivery.

Great multilingual customer service

Whether you’re a new or loyal customer, at Distriplast, we’re devoted to giving every customer the same excellent personal customer service.

Certified quality products

Because Distriplast only uses the best PP quality, we’re proud to say that the quality of our corrugated polypropylene sheets has been ISO certified (9001:2008 and 14001:2004). Moreover, we are proud to have been certificated with LPS1207, M1 for our fire-resistant treatment and food-contact layer.

24/7 production, all year long

Our skilled employees work in 5 shifts to guarantee a continuous production, all year long. Their vast experience and know-how are passed on during the training of newcomers, guaranteeing the same high-quality sheets, even when production volumes go up.

Quote within 24 working hours

Time is money. That’s why you can count on receiving your personal quote within 24 working hours (but of the WE).

Sustainable production and logistics

Distriplast is continuously working to reduce its environmental footprint through various sustainable investments and measurements. Moreover, we’re proud to say that our polypropylene sheets are 100% recyclable.

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