Industrial Plastic Pellet Audit

Full compliance in Industrial Plastic Pellet Audit

The Distriplast factory recently passed an industrial plastic pellet use audit conducted by Bureau Veritas, a leading French auditor agency. According to the official report, Distriplast exhibited full compliance with all requirements, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to waste reduction throughout their operations.

The audit focused primarily on aspects such as risk zones for plastic pellet loss, packaging methods for stock and transport, accidental spreading, retention basin and site surrounding management, as well as equipment, training, and internal audits. Bureau Veritas noted in its report that Distriplast has developed an airtight system to minimize the risk of plastic pellet waste on the operating site.

"Our team at Distriplast is committed to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement," said Vincent Boggio, General Manager of Distriplast, adding that "the successful audit stands as a testament to the strides we've made in reducing waste and taking responsibility for the total lifecycle of our products."

Please consult our audit here. (Document in French)

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