Sustainable Development Goals


  • Low cost and low weight to protect value-added products
  • A structurally sustainable product
  • A range of products with an increasing use of recycled materials
  • Industrial and management processes, certified

Our vision is

  • to become a reliable and structural partner of the circular plastic economy
  • to offer, with the strengthening of our eco-design processes, increasing opportunities for the re-employment of recycled plastics
  • Thereby reducing the environmental impact of our products for the benefit of our customers and their own efforts in this field.

Beyond these constant efforts to provide a quality product and guarantee the best service to its customers, Distriplast has always been committed to improve its environmental footprint aiming at better sustainability of its activities for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

1. PP corrugated Sheet:  low cost & low weight to protect added value products

As working on sustainability leads also to consider protecting and preserving high added-value products, equipment or premises, PP corrugated sheets are an effective mean to preserve and protect during transport or industrial operation.

2. PP corrugated Sheet: a structurally recyclable product 

The structure of our Polypropylene-based product guarantees full re-cyclability of the alveolar sheets. Collected and recycled, the reprocessing of corrugated sheets allows material to be re-generated, that can, either be reincorporated into other sheets or used to extrude other PP-based products. Distriplast could propose to its customers a set of advices and audits to establish sorting and reprocessing loops.

3. A range of products incorporating more and more recycled materials

Recycle More - Environment European Label

Long before the popularization on circular economy concepts, our development policy prioritized the marketing of products incorporating recycled materials. 

In 2021, 50% of our product range incorporates recycled materials. Distriplast has the ambition to increase this share to over 80% in the years to come and optimize the recycled content in each of its manufactured products. In 2021, Distriplast footprint will be reduced by about 5000 t CO2eq.

Since 2019, Distriplast commitment in integrating recycled materials has been recognized by the European MORE label (Recycle More).

4. Industrial and management processes, certified

An ISO 14001 certified environmental approach, reinforced by ISO 50001- energy management certification: a guarantee of production in the best environmental and energy conditions.

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