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Unique in its exclusive focus on PolyPropylene (PP) corrugated sheets, Distriplast offers you a comprehensive set of solutions for construction. Beam formwork casings, panels for fencing, lids for continuity strip casing or protection for floors, walls and windows, our sustainable construction materials offer products that make your building sites easier to handle, time and time again.


Why you'll love our construction site solutions

  • A lightweight product, that is easy to transport, handle and place.
  • Our sheets are fast and effective in use, saving you precious time.
  • Not only are our sheets quick to install, but they are also easy to cut on site, making the process efficient and streamlined.
  • With the absence of nails and splinters, our corrugated sheets provide a superior finish and offer increased security.
  • Our sheets are resistant against impacts and liquid, ensuring durability and longevity over time.
  • Distriplast's sheets also reduce background noise, creating a more pleasant worksite for bystanders.
  • The translucent property of our sheets allow for efficient transfer of light, brightening any space.
  • With extreme rigidity, our sheets provide stability and an increased level of protection.
  • Our sheets are easy to clean and reusable, making them a cost-effective and sustainable option.
  • They are resistant to chemicals, moisture, and oil, providing not only practical benefits but ensuring aesthetic longevity.
  • Our sheets are weather-resistant and waterproof, ensuring longevity in all climates and environments.
  • We pride ourselves on offering an eco-friendly product, committed to reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We provide a range of different treatments, including a fire-resistant option, making our corrugated sheets suitable for a range of different contexts. Our translucent finish option is perfect for window protection, without sacrificing natural light flow.


Where to use it

Beam formwork

Our medium and high duty serie “B” polypropylene sheets are increasingly used by contractors for beam formwork. They help efficiently form ground beams and pile caps, providing a superior finish and reducing the possibility of rising damp. This way, they are an ideal replacement for wooden casts.

Fencing and construction panels

Diplast sheets are ideal as fencing material for construction sites. They are secure, reduce background noise, let light in and are easy to clean, so you can reuse them after breaking down your site.

Floor, wall and window protection

If you want to provide excellent impact protection in a renovation building site, choose our Diplast corrugated sheets. They don't wrinkle or tear easily, you can install 20m² in 5 minutes and you can use them against any surface, without blocking out daylight. As a bonus, our black corrugated sheets are made out of more than 50% reground PP and thus reduce the carbon footprint of your project. After finishing the project, the PP boards can be jet washed and reused.

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Roof and isolation protection

Building - Distriplast

Construction material transport

Building - Distriplast

Modular structures

Worksite signs

Building - Distriplast

Worksite protection

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